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From: Dylan
Subject: The Elevator Encounter Chapter 7CHAPTER SEVEN - WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY....
The door of the hotel room opened and closed as a tired Jonny
walked into the living room and dropped his backpack. "Andy? Are you home?"
he yelled into the room. "Guess not" Jonny slumped his shoulders and fell
onto the couch. However, just beyond the door of the bedroom, Andy stayed
absolutely still, hoping Jonny would not come into the room and find him
laying among his boxers. After he felt it safe, Andy slowly stood diapers size 7 up and
quietly stuffed Jonny's boxers back into their drawer. As he opened the
door and 10 yo porn pics peeked out, he saw Jonny laying on the couch with his shirt
untucked and his unbuttoned, his loosened tie hanging around his neck and
contrasting against his smooth 10 yo porno
chest. "unnh" Jonny yawned. "You're so cute"
Andy blurted out, shocking Jonny awake. "oh! I uh, didn't know you were
home." Jonny said, standing up. "Yeah, I was taking a nap" Andy quickly
thought of an excuse. "I was bored, you know, no one at home." Jonny
nodded. "Listen Jonny... I need to tell you something, about... the other
day, in the kitchen...I-" Andy paused. "Yeah, I know, complete mistake
right? It's okay" Jonny looked away as he spoke. "No! I mean no... it
was... I just... I like you, alot. I like you alot" Andy suddenly felt so
vulnerable as he stood there, waiting for Jonny's reaction. "I
.... uh... shower" Jonny ran into the bedroom, closing and locking the door
behind him. "God, why did you have to tell me." Jonny's mind raced 3 some blowjob as
conflicting thoughts flew around in his head. He composed himself long
enough to 3gp fucking sexi video start the shower before breaking down. He slouched against the
door to the bathroom and slid down to the ground as the tears in his eyes
started falling. "I love Ethan... but what's this... thing I have for
Andy.." He debated with himself over and over again. Each time 3 d animal porn he thought
about his situation, his heart 90 playboy centerfolds
felt as though it were being twisted. "What
am I gonna do?" Jonny stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower.
Andy stood still in the living room, still unable to move as if he
expected Jonny to come back and resume their conversation. Only after ten
minutes of chilling silence did he dare himself to move. He walked into his
favorite room in the entire hotel suite, a small room that was suppose to
be a 2nd bedroom , but became a sort 3gp fucking sexi video of storage. Andy sighed and shivered
as he sat in a corner of the room, feeling safe as he was surrounded by
books and boxes. He gazed at himself in a old mirror. His light blue eyes
seemed suddenly so old as his brown hair draped over them. "Just as well, I
don't want to see myself" he felt himself shiver again as he huddled into a
ball and closed his eyes. As he did he felt something drape over pussy kinder 15 old
him and
when he opened his eyes again, Jonny was already gone. "I guess he doesn't
want to see me either" Andy felt his stomach tighten as he felt
so... vulnerable.
So the two boys closed themselves in their own rooms. "Hey! Is
anyone home?" Ethan's voice rang out freeporn compatible on ps3 into the seemningly empty room. "Hey
Jon-" Ethan said as he opened the door to the bedroom to find Jonny passed
out on the bed with a bottle of wine on the stand and a glass in his
hand. "What the-" Ethan picked up the bottle, it was almost empty. "Jonny,
wake up" Ethan shook the sleeping blonde. "h-hey" Jonny smiled drunkenly
before he made an try at getting up. "Whoa there, just wait there and uh
ill get you something for the hangover." Ethan got up. "Not that horrible
tasting stuff that you gave me last time right?" Jonny shouted from the
room, which was shortly nude pics 14yo followed by a "thump". Ethan came into the room to
find Jonny on the floor, giggling about how he had fallen onto the
floor. "Oh, come on drink some of this and 3gp fucking sexi video go to sleep. Where did that Andy
go..?" After tucking Jonny into bed and closing the door securely behind
him, Ethan began looking for andy but found him dozing away in a corner of
the storage room. "Boys find the weirdest places to sleep." He thought
before leaving Andy alone.
The rest of the night was quiet as porn 4 free Ethan was the only one awake in
the entire hotel room. "I Lt1 cam kits wonder what they did that made them so
tired.... actually I wonder what happened that made Jonny drink..." ben 10 xx hentai
talked aloud to himself, soon realizing that he sounded crazy talking to
thin air. "Hey...ugh" Jonny's voice came from the door. "Sorry" Jonny
apologized as he stumbled towards the table. "Are you... okay?" Ethan asked
getting up to bolster his boyfriend. "Well... aside from there being three
of you and the room seems to be spinning, I'm great." Jonny chuckled
weakly. "I'll make you some soup for tonight, I think if I gave you any
solid food you'd throw it up" Ethan 30 porn said turning on the stove. "Thanks."
Jonny said as video 3gp mesum he sat down on the dining room chair. "So, are you really
okay? Anything you want to talk about?" Ethan asked as he patted Jonny on
the back. "Not really," Jonny stood up trying to go back into the bedroom
only to be pulled back ak 47 assault rifle down onto the chair, which Ethan was now occupying.
"Well, I'm here if you need me" Ethan said, hugging Jonny and occasionaly
bouncing Jonny on his lap. "This is nice" Ethan suddenly said as he
tightened his hold around Jonny's waist and he put his head on Jonny's
shoulders, letting their cheeks rub together. "Yeah it is" Jonny said,
feeling Ethan's smooth skin against his cheek.
Saddly, even after that moment Jonny felt, confused, still unable
to sort out his feelings "What am I going to do?" Late at night, after
Ethan had fallen asleep Jonny changed out of his pajamas and into his day
clothes, he relished the cool night air as the material of his shirt fitted
his form, showing off his slim hips and slender body frame. Jonny shivered
as he crept out of the hotel room and to the parking garage, getting into
his BMW and drove gallery 12yo boy art off. The house he stopped at was just a little short of a
estate. "Crap..." Jonny sighed as he sat in his car. After a few minutes
of collecting himself, he grabbed his jacket and cell phone and walked up
to the front door. His hand shivered as it approached the door bell. "Ding
Dong" the door rang. The light immediately turned on and within moments the
door opened. "Who's there?" The boy who answer squinted his blue-green eyes
into the night. "Ryan? I need... help"Jonny whispered as he hugged
him. "Whoa, Jonny, it's you, um yeah, come in" Jonny sat down in the white
fluffy pillow/chair that was set in the corner. "I can't believe you kept
it" Jonny laughed as he felt himself sink into the soft chair. "It was your
favorite..." Ryan said smiling. "I miss you, you know?" he added. "I'm
sorry, maybe coming here was a bad idea.." Jonny stood up again, about to
walk to the door when Ryan's arm caught his own. "No, its okay, just stay,
you said you needed help right?" The pair sat down and Jonny told his
situation to Ryan. "Whoa, this... is kinda a weird thing to be asking your
ex-boyfriend about isnt it?" Ryan asked as he leaned back on the chair to
consider his position in all this. "It's like asking me to choose who's
going to replace me." He sighed. "I know, I know, I'm sorry... but you were
one of the few people I could talk to." Jonny laid on Ryan's stomach,
inhaling his familiar cologne. "Well, do you want some time to think it
over? or... just a place to stay until you can figure it out?" Ryan said
as he put his arms around Jonny. "I... would like that, I could tell Ethan
I have a long project that I need to do with you." Ryan felt his heart
flutter a little, secretly he still longed for the days when he and Jonny
were an item. "It's been a 284 brass bbw milly 44j while." Jonny whispered as he walked into the
bedroom that he and Ryan once shared. "Yeah, well, you know where
everything is." Ryan said, taking off his shirt. "Still sleeping topless
eh? I forgot to bring my pajamas." Jonny sighed. "Well, you can wear mine,
you know I've never worn pajamas." Ryan threw his pajamas to
Jonny. "Thanks" the blonde boy said as he went into the bathroom to change.
As Jonny was changing Ryan laid there on his bed, running his hands through
his blonde-brown hair, he smiled thinking about the boy changing in the
next room. "Its too thin!" Jonny said as he girls with 45d tits walked out, of the
bathroom. "Oops, well those are the only ones I have, you know I like to be
cool while sleeping." Ryan smiled as he stood up and put his hands on
Jonny's hips. Well, you could... take these off like so..." He said
unbuttoning the Pajama shirt, all the while Jonny stood there, stunned by
what was going on. "And let me keep you warm." Ryan threw the shirt to the
other side of the room and pushed Jonny onto the bed. "Wha-" Jonny started
but was interupted by a kiss. "Wait, I came here to decide between two
people, I.. cant do this right now." Jonny pushed Ryan off of him a
little. "Well, okay, but, Im here to help if you need me." Ryan sighed and
laid on the bed, putting his arm around Jonny and gave Jonny a small kiss,
before hugging him like you would a teddy bear. "Great, now its three
people." Jonny thought as he closed his eyes.
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